Pax Christi Long Island & Long Island Rotary Clubs  Peace Pole Project




     1)  Plant 100 Peace Poles on Long Island in 2020-21

    2) Involve Youth Groups in plantings as much as possible.

    3)  Have 10 cities on Long Island be recognized as "An International City of Peace".

Be a Peacemaker

     Plant a 7' Peace Pole (cost $200) saying "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in four languages. Or have a 6' Peace Pole with base for use indoors, cost $275. These poles can easily be moved from classroom to classroom, or place to place as needed, and used to celebrate annual World Peace day, or other events.

    The Peace Poles come with a Certificate stating that 10 trees will be planted in an African Country in Honor of someone or organization you name on the certificate. The certificate presentation can be a part of the  dedication ceremony.  For these, make checks out to "May Peace Prevail on Earth International",.  These will be forwarded to the World Peace Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that makes the Peace Poles.

      6' outdoor Peace Pole Signs: Poles with a sign explaining "What is a Peace Pole", including materials and suggestions for a "Time Capsule" to be inserted in the pole, are available for an additional $75.  For these, make checks payable to The Greater Patchogue Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

     We will pick up poles to save shipping costs for Long Island churches, schools, youth groups, and libraries,  See our suggestions for holding an dedication ceremony. 

Ormake a tax deductible donation to: The Greater Patchogue Foundation.  Specify, for the Long Island Peace Pole Project. We will pick up poles, thereby saving $35 shipping costs.   Mail donations and orders to: Pax Christi Long Island, % John Baum, 317 Maple Avenue, Patchogue, NY 11772.  Or:  Rotary Club, % Kevin Mann,  2 Emma Lane, Middle Island, NY 11937.   Or contact  for further information.


Name_____________________________________Phone Number___________________________


Number of 7' outdoor Peace Poles @ $200/each  (      )                                                                                                               Cost $ ____________ 

Number of indoor 6' Peace Poles with base @ $275 each (    )                                                                                                   Cost $ ____________

Number of 6' outdoor Peace Pole Signs @ $75 each  (    )                                                                                                             Cost $ ____________

Four Languages to say: "May Peace Prevail on Earth" : _____________    ____________    ____________    _______________

Person or Organization to be honored on 10-tree certificate: _____________________________________________________

May we have a Rotary Logo applied?  This would put your Peace Pole on an International Map system showing Peace Poles supported by The Rotary Action Group.  After a photo of the installation, date installed, and location is sent to us, the Rotary Club will provide a $30 rebate, which will be sent to the organization or youth group that planted the peace pole.           Yes _____  No ______

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Last update:  06/22/2022